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Thank you for reading fouronaworldtrip. I am Lena, Hi 🙂  I am writing this blog.

I am working an office job in (the best) video games company and I enjoy what I am doing but I always have been infected by the travel bug, wanted to experience more, go further.

My grandmother back in Germany likes to tell that I was a very small child when I said “When I grow up, I will move very far away”. Well.. I made it to France!  But while I do enjoy living in Paris, I don’t think I will ever stop feeling restless, thus traveling is my thing. It’s way more than a hobby, it’s my engine, my source. Becoming a mother of 2 did not remotely change this, rather the opposite; I want them to tag along and see the world with their own eyes.


That’s not France. That’s California. But it’s me, Lena.

About fouronaworldtrip

We are the average full-time-working-mortgage-paying-binational family that generally struggles finding a balance between work and family time while dealing with day care schedules, dinner plans and home works. Short, we have a life like most people do;  busy, packed and frustrating at times.

Paired with a passion for travelling, exploring and the general approach that life is too short to postpone the cool stuff, it was an inevitable consequence to say: Fuck that, let’s do it!

so.. Fouronaworltrip … that are actually four on a world trip: a mom, a dad and two boys who are ready to enjoy life in it´s finest, we want it all and we are OK with not being modest in this regards.

For now we are still living near Paris in France and we are tied to school holidays and vacation days but we are planning to take a Sabbatical in 2018. A year travelling, that’s it.

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