Bretagne, Vol.2

I try to avoid doing things by halves; it’s all or nothing for me. A trilogy works though and so here we go, part 2 of our summer vacation in Bretagne, a round up:

  • We started off in the south of Bretagne, in Carnac. Like usual, my brain needed some days to accept that it can change down which made the first days rather rough (more for the others than for me) but nevertheless we did not skip the Dolmen, it’s impossible anyway, they are literally welcoming you, no way of getting around them, of not seeing them, of not being impressed. (we did not skip the beautiful beach or the awesome seafood neither though)

  • Guérande is off the bucket list and purchasing our body weight in Fleur de Sel with it.  This was actually quite an interesting trip. We booked a little tour organised by Terre de Sel (available in different languages) and I will never forget that Sel de Guerande comes from the ocean, NOT the sea. ffs.
  • The little sea, the Gulf of Morbihan; off the list as well. Walks along the shore, white sailing boats, cold wine in the evening sun. All said. Beautiful.
  • Dournenez started rather disappointing. Driving through sleepy villages and typical countryside, passing by impressive shores and beaches of Bretagne, Dournenez appeared big, rough and the opposite of calm.. well, a city. (compared to Carnac, not to Paris though). How wrong we were. We had a blast! The beach is awesome, the port super interesting, especially the boat museum (not only for the kids), our airbnb cozy home. Short; we felt good there, home. Comme chez nous 🙂

  • Before heading north, we made a unexpected big detour to visit the Pointe du Raz. After driving longer than planned, we took the trail that was indicated with “20mn until the Pointe” rofl lol haha hahhahhaa.. it was quite far, rather 40 min if not more, it was windy, it was hot, it was wild, it was great and stunning. Just don’t get tricked by thinking: ah we will walk til the cap and and head back, easy peasy. Consider it rather as a relaxed day trip than a quick stop by.

  • Pont Aven.. can you guess who inspired me when planning that trip? (except Dournenez, that was a coincidence). Pont Aven.. well.. Pont Aven.. it´s different. Pretty without a doubt and charming. but.. it’s not by the sea and you can feel that very well, which is ok.. but you know this feeling when you think you’re in a fake environment? like in a Truman Show? Mont St. Michel, Montmartre, Disneyland..
  • The last stop before resting at the beach for a week was in Guimiliau. A hideout in the middle of now where, fields and cows and actually the first time, that we could relax, for real. Our only activity there was a visit of Menez-Meur. Located in the middle of the Amorique Regional Parc it offers scenic views, wildlife (they have wolfs!), and shows off with everything breton flora and fauna can come up with.
  • As we are crazy as fuck, we had to stop by Morlaix before reaching our final destination, just for a bit, just for a walk, just to have lunch, just to see the bridge, just to add more things on our agenda and just not to miss anything. But to be honest, it was the good call. The viaduct is worth getting up the stairs for and on a side note: it smelled comforting like Paris Metro.. but the view over the roofs of Morlaix is lovely and we were lucky to drop by on market day, it was the nicest! I would probably not suggest to spent a weekend there but do step by if you are around.

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