The purpose of this blog is to document the planning phase – with all it´s ups and downs, with all discarded and added ideas, with every bit of improvisation – and then later on the actual trip, with hopefully less failures. And whats a project without a check list? We LOVE lists!

If you have experiences or suggestions, if you consider events, advantages, road blocks.. that we don’t. Please DO reach out to us, leave a comment, tell us everything about it!


  • decide on countries and regions to include in our trip
    • check weather, climate, safety, best travelling time..
  • find best fitting company that offers “round the world” tickets
    • figure out which region can be reached without taking a plane, but boat, train..
  • find health insurance
  • gear for travelling (Backpacks, jackets, shoes, laptop, medicine …)
  • figure out how to teach our children (Homeschooling, Online-School, skipping a year..)
    • talk to teacher and headmaster
  • vaccinations
  • sub-rent apartment
  • sell car (?), cancel registration etc.
  • request Sabbatical
  • find cheap credit card
to be continued…