Down the memory lane.. Erewan Waterfalls, Thailand

It seems unreal and a hundred years ago, but there was a time without children. This time was used for travelling, sure, but how things are when one is young; while there is time, there is not much money..  and I did not travel as much as I wish now I had and totally could.
I have been to Thailand – it was my first backpacking trip and the first time I traveled longer than just for a week (family trips excluded). We spent 3 weeks travelling from Bangkok south visiting island after island and just enjoying ourselves, eating, drinking, wandering around.
The second time I came with my husband to Thailand, starting as well in Bangkok, we moved north to Kanchanaburi and Ayuttaya and finished the trip -again- on an island. Working folks need to relax as well, right?
One of my nicest memories of these trips is when we were hiking up the 7 tiers of the Erewan Waterfalls near Kanchanaburi. It´s some years ago but I am having vivid memories of monkeys, fishes, christal clear water, the heat and the awesome feeling when arriving at the 7th tier. (And the well deserved drink afterwards)
These fishes are the kind that is taking culinary delight in dead human skin and are therefore used a lot in beauty salons, but the fishes in those ponds reached a size that I was rather worried that they might bite off my entire toe ^^
Thailand is definitely a country that is on our “must-go” list when taking the kids on our big adventure and I hope we can go back to Kanchanaburi and hike up those falls. Knowing our boys, they will have a blast and while I am writing this it´s getting even more obvious, that we -of cause- will go back; not only because Jonah is sitting next to me asking if we will, where it is and if he can throw stones in the ponds <3
We traveled a lot by public transportation and were amazed how convenient it is to get around. Check out this guide to get more info on traveling by train in Thailand.


  • Sarah

    I have never been to Thailand, but heard and read lots about it. My daughter would definitely love to travel there – and if we went for a journey around the world Thailand would be on the list, too!

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