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Gift ideas for travel lovers – 100% useful. almost.

Do you know this feeling? You are searching for gift ideas for someone travelling or and adventurous gift idea for a friend… You are spending hours in finding the perfect gift, that one thing that would light up their eyes. You’re browsing stores and pages and slowly running out of time..  but every idea that crosses your path  is more nay than yay? So frustrating, right?!!

Or are you familiar with really wanting to offer nice and thoughtful presents or the perfect gift for travelers for friends and family but you’re just not exactly bubbling over with brilliant ideas? Are your fearing to make a gift that will get a polite “thank you” but will be stored away and never looked at again? Are you just clueless?

But before you end up with a random something just for not being empty-handed, check out my gift ideas for travel lovers and find the right gift for everyone who is up for some adventure.

 # Solid cosmetic products – outsmart the airplane liquid regulations AND travel zero waste!  – gift ideas for ecological minded world travellers

The perfect gift for friends traveling abroad that are also environmentally conscious – or that you think should be! Bonus effect: they outsmart airplane liquid regulations!  Everyone who travels with hand luggage only will know how tricky it can be and you have no choice: is your bottle holding more than 100ml, it won’t board with you. A good flight safe alternative are solid cosmetic products. Have a look at all available solid shampoosbut don’t miss neither the solid toothpastes and  parfums ..

… and a few more items that are great for everyone to reduce their foot print on earth!


# Portable coffee press – every coffee enthusiast will love you forever!

This is seriously one of the most sophisticated items I have ever seen. A product you probably won’t know it exists and that leaves you wondering how you could have lived without it all those years. (Experience talking) Getting good coffee abroad can be really a challenging tasks – or a very expensive one. Portable coffee presses are granting you with fresh coffee anywhere, you only need some coffee powder and hot water .. a few pumps and there you go.

# Mugs – birthday gift for travel lovers

Noone can ever own too many mugs. Especially not if we are talking about those beautiful classic enamel mugs, that make you wanna put on your lumberjack shirt and get out to the forest and chop some wood. Or at least go outside. On your balcony.

# Portable Travel Safe – gift idea for people traveling alone

Thats a great item for everyone who is traveling alone, staying in hostels or can’t take his valuables with them at all times. The material is uncuttable due to the steel wire mesh between the fabric layers. It can be closed with a lock and attached to a fix structure with a steel wire. It comes in 2 sizes, Check it out here!


# The Lonely Planet colouring book – birthday gift for travel lovers

Ok. This is less useful but REALLY nice and perfect for the times between travels. Colouring books for adults are more and more common; colouring helps to cope with stress, to relax and is a nice break from screens. Hear ye!  Check out the entire offer for colouring books for adults

# Gifts for story tellers

Get a nice travel themed journal for your writer friend so that no story gets forgotten.

# Best gifts for traveling kids!

Before we started our world trip, friends and family asked us often what they could offer our children that they 1. would enjoy and 2. can take with them on our trip. .. It was a tricky question, especially considering that we’re really very limited on bag space and we don’t want to take anything that we don’t use. So.. if you have kids around that are about to set off for an adventure, here are our top travel gifts for kids!

# Presents for teens … or anyone that is as techie as we are 🙂

and if the kids are a bigger and/or very much techies like ours, those – admittedly more pricy things – will make them very happy. We got a HP Photo Printer as a present before we left on our world trip and I first thought, that it’s just a gadget.. but actually, it’s super nice! Whenever we’re befriending people, we take a few pictures and give them one as a memory when our travels drives us in opposite directions.

# Passport covers

If you’re traveling a lot, you passport is your most precious item. Passport covers are coming in a trillion different colours, materials and features.. click here to see all models

# The best travel gift for him.. (or for her ..or them, maybe not kids though :))

and everyone else who likes to mix a good drink while traveling.  The board bar will provide the essentials, you’ll bring the extras. If you are searching a present for a liquor lover with higher standards, click here to compare all available travel bars

# Portable Kettle – not only for tea!

Perfect gift for everyone who loves to travel but is not willing to abstain from their cuppa. Assures an endless supply of hot water as soon as a plug is available. It helps as well boiling up water in countries where potable water isn’t coming from the tap.

# Coffee-table books for travel inspiration and dreaming 🙂

ok, thats not too useful neither but we are all need inspiration sometimes and need to plan our future trips, right? And it’s pretty.

# Travel gifts that keep you beloved ones comfy

Check out the compressible travel pillow! It’s  not taking much space in your bag and it’s a great accessory for everyone who needs a bit of comfort during plane trips, hostel stays or camping. Our favourite one comes in different colours, click here to see all models

# Water filter bottles – assures save drinking water everywhere AND reduced plastic waste massively!

Access to clean water is one of the biggest problems when traveling. Apart from the really serious illnesses you can catch by drinking from the tap, a simple stomach bug is already enough to ruin your trip. Filtering water bottles are a good solution for having potable water always available. It also prevents from buying litres of water in polluting plastic bottles. find a filter water bottle within your budget

# “Scratch the world” map – great travelers gift

A classic gift for everyone who likes to wander and to see visually how much of the world is yet to travel.

# Ideas for your photographer and traveller friend

Traveler usually take photos and no-one can possible be against having a pretty camera strap. It’s a useful add-on for everyone who owns a camera, even for those who are not using a high end cam. For those who are using their phone as a camera, the clip on lense comes in super handy. Improve your photos with a wide angle and a macro lense and get the best out of your phone.

# Cable organizer – great gift fortravel lovers

That’s one of the most useful travel gifts items ever! I am sure everyone who ever travelled with different devices and different cables all crammed into one little bag will agree.

I hope you could get all the needed inspiration  to make your travel friend happy .If you need more input, have a look at this gift guide for female travelers or check out also our article about traveling with carry-on luggage, We have a lot of tips on how to travel light and which items can help you with it!

What was the best travel related gift you ever got? I would love to know more about it 🙂 Leave a comment!

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