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2 days and we are finally on vacation, all together. Two weeks.

we are all so worn off from this busy year at school and work that we’re counting down the days since an eternity like time and this final spurt seems endless, with the finish line only barely coming closer. But we’re almost there, I can smell the ocean already, taste the seafood.

Bretagne it is. Considering this years summer weather, I am not sure if this was the best decision ever, but when one is travelling to the rather northern part of the Atlantic ocean, you’re not expecting the Caribbean, right? Right! It will be just fine! I has to be all fine! *fingerscrossed*

We will travel for the first half and spent the second in Saint-Jacut-de-la-Mer. Initially, we’ve focused on moving around the entire time but it appeared to be more complicated than anticipated to actually find an airbnb that is not following the “one week rentals only” principle and so we’ve adapted:

our road trip

for the next 48h:

  • 2 days of job
  • a kids party with 6 children in the afternoon and grown up birthday guests in the evening
  • washing 2 machines of laundry
  • preparing luggage for 4 people
  • cleaning the car, at lest removing the trash from inside
  • putting the apartment in an acceptable state
  • try not to freak out, breakdown, yell too much or cry
C’est parti, mon kiki !

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