St. Jacut – Coup de Coeur

This year, summer had a rough start but a very gentle final, with mild days and much sunshine but since a few days autumn sends out his rays and days are getting chill and short.

While tugging in with tea and a book that I wanted to read since months, I reminisce about summer, our days in Bretagne and especially about one place that we left with the sweetest memories and the certainty that we’ll come back; St. Jacut de la Mer – our Coup de Coeur.

It was a fluke to find this peaceful place on earth. Browsing Airbnbs within the area, we stumbled upon a little fishermen’s apartment  in a town we have never heard of with nothing but sand around.

St. Jacut is a peninsula in northern Brittany; with less than 3km² and not even 1000 permanent inhabitants it’s one of the lesser known areas within the Côtes-d’Armors area. Compared to their dominant neighbors Dinard and St. Malò, it remains rather invisible for greater tourism approaches, too many people wouldn’t fit anyway.

To be honest with you, there is not much you can do at St.Jacut de la Mer. If you want to go out, have drinks, socialize or shop; don’t go there. Really, you will get bored fairly quick and you will populate this beautiful place on earth for nothing.

  • La Mer 1: While you can spent a pretty average beach afternoon at a rather nice beach, you might wake up next morning to find this very beach just gone. Instead you see nothing but sand, for kilometers and kilometers and only the far horizon gives you an idea that you are still on the coast.
  • La Mer 2: At low tides, the gently sloping beach is laying bare a world countless little islands and sandbanks that are only peaking out as little lonely rocks at high tides, if at all. Now they are inviting you to explore further and further, in a semicircle around the headland of St.Jacut.

  • La Mer 3: Low tides are leaving land behind, land with life: Crabs, Shells, flotsam ..waiting for you (and your kids) to be found. There is plenty! Besides the usual laid bares treasures, low tide is as well exposing hundreds of Oyster fields, that are cultivated during those few hours by the local oyster farmers(they are coming to the fields every day for turning the cages around to avoid the oysters growing together) 
  • La Mer 4: Besides having walks, relax on the beach, having more walks and go for a swim, St.Jacut has as well a Nautical School that offers workshops and rents out all sorts of equipment. Neighboring (and more interesting for us though) the school is the Cabane de Rougeret. A little bar that offers drinks and snacks; it´s not an extraordinary restaurant, but a sympathetic place with friendly staff and affordable prices; located directly on the beach of Rougeret.

What else?

St.Jacut de la Mer has about 3 or 4 Restaurants but you should check if you need to reserve a table before (we did not and kinda had to skip dinner)

Friday is market day – from 8-13h you can buy local and not so local products and fish as fresh as it can be

A little path (rather an adventurous dirt trail) is leading around the headland of the island, don’t miss it, it´s fun!


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