Take me to the sea..

Every year around this time, I will say: we should take a trip to the sea! Following this I will give a lecture on how great it will be, what we can have for lunch, how much the kids will love it, what we will do over there and especially on how we should just do it and not postpone it, it´s not a big deal – really; it isn’t – it`s only a 2 hours drive from home, so we really should just take the kids and drive to the sea. We really should.
The months to come I will say something along the lines: we should go to the sea! Yeah, we really should, but
– the weather won’t be thaaaat good
not as cold as assumed

– the weather will be awesome, it will be too full over there

– it´s a 2 hours drive
– it will be for sure too windy
– we already have not been home the last weekend
– we wanted to clean the apartment
– me/you/one of the kids has already a little cold, for sure it will get worse
– it´s vacation time, there will be too much traffic
– there is a bank holiday, there will be too much traffic
– it’s already October, going to the sea is more of a summer thing, isn’t it?
And that’s about it. No need to say that we’ve never went – until this weekend! We just did it! We took the kids (and their lovely aunt who was over for a visit <3) to the sea!
Yeah, we were not exactly alone there and on the road neither but we’ve got a table in a restaurant, found a parking place (or something like it), did not fell off cliffs and the -in the end- almost 3h drive was not as bad neither.
So in short, we ignored all reasons good enough for staying home, we left the comfy zone and got rewarded with an utterly fantastic day at the sea; we ate mussels and Galettes, waded through low tide sea shores with naked feet, collected stones and shells, hiked up cliffs and enjoyed the perfect weather!
And I already said: we really should do it again, yeah, we really should!
Cliffs of Etretat

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