world trip

The first step

Every trip starts with a first step ..

… and here we go.

This blog is meant to be about travelling as a family, about adventures, challenges, good times and most likely not so good times as well, about time spent together, about things our eyes will see.

We are a french-german family of four, living near Paris and travelling is our thing. Always had been our thing. After planning countless trips for “later”, when we have “more time”, when the kids are “bigger”… it became more and more obvious, that “later” is not enough and too vague anyway.

Taking a year off to travel, that was always something other people would do, people without kids, people with less engagements, no mortgage to pay off.. short: people that I envied dearly.
And then it clicked. This kind of magical situation where thoughts are running and within minutes everything made sense, all questions answered.

I was so excited about it that I announced to my husband: “I have great news, we can take a year off in about 3 years and travel around the world”. He on the other side was so stressed and overwhelmed by the idea, that he could not even talk about it for 3 entire weeks. Well, to be fair, we never really discussed the possibility of a sabbatical or a world trip before. But we did then and one evening he said to me: We’re doing it, right?

So this blog is the first step of our big adventure.

Writing about it makes it real already!



  • kidsandcompass

    Same here – we are already planning ours for when our kids are a bit bigger, perhaps in about 5 years’ time. I started my blog for the same reason!

    Where do you think you will go? We think we’ll stick to Asia but we’ve got a long time to think about it!

    • fouronaworldtrip

      How old are your kids now? We figured to leave in 2018 is the best for us as our boys are not too advanced in school yet but old enough to remember the trip later on well. They will be 6 and 10 when we leave 🙂 We will most likely start in the Caribbean and Central America, then New Zealand and potential Australia for a bit and the last months in South East Asia. When I think back to our initial plans, it totally changed and I where will end up 🙂

      • kidsandcompass

        Ours are only 3 and 1 right now. It will depend on when my husband can get a year’s leave, but ideally when they’re 9 and 7 or thereabouts.
        6 and 10 sounds perfect for you guys, a good balance of ages there.
        Yours looks like a great trip! You guys must be really excited.

  • fouronaworldtrip

    we are!!! but time passes so fast, we started to plan it when it was still in 3 years time and we kept saying; in 3 years we go there, we do that.. and then we stopped and realized
    it’s suddenly only 2 years.. now it’s even less 🙂
    it’s more my thing as well to do this trip with bigger kids, mainly cause i am not such a zen mom and prefer dealing with tothing, diapers and melt downs in my comfort zone 😉 where to asia do you plan to travel?

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