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Time travel counts, right? Provins 2016

we are not only very much enthusiastic about moving from one place to another, preferable with a high distance in between, but as well to move through time, roughly ..  800 years back.

Since visiting a middle age market when being a kid, I am fascinated by this period; be it in literature, history, costumes, lifestyle .. it was even part of my studies for a time, less successfully though, hence for a time.
My husband on the other hand always had been more the heroic fantasy (or nerdy) kind of guy and as Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones and the middle age are having naturally a very big common ground, it did not require tricks to convince him on how cool it would be to buy costumes and to go to Provins.

Provins is a little town an hour south east from Paris that is famous for it´s medieval fortifications and is even an UNESCO World Heritage Site. The beautiful old town and the general medieval flair is providing the the perfect setting for various middle age events that are taking place throughout the year. The most remarkable one is surely the 2 days spectacle in June, that is transforming the entire city into a huge middle age market with concerts, theater, craftspeople, games, activities, shops, food and countless knights and noble ladies.

Our fist time was 5 years ago and indeed it was SO cool! Visiting a market is awesome, being part of it and actively creating this atmosphere is just … even more than awesome. No need to say that our 2 boys did not mind at all to be dressed like knights and to have the right to fight with little wood swords for once.

Provins is one of the highlights of summer
yes, that’s us as well 🙂 dressed up for Provins

So despite the bad weather forecast that worried us too much, we got dressed up, moved 800 years back and had a blast!


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