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Traveling Families #1 – fouronaworldtrip

Traveling is broadly associated with folks in their 20’s, people that are somewhere in or just out of their education, young people, free people, folks that are not having a family yet.  But in fact, there is (almost) no reason for excluding longterm travels or journeys on rather unbeaten paths from your globetrotting possibilities once you’ve started a family.

In my series Traveling Families I am interviewing families that did not drop their traveling plans and neither ground down their wanderlust but decided to continue their journey together with their kids.

Starting with my self, this is the first edition of my new series and I will release more interviews with other families over the coming weeks and months. I am very excited about this and I hope you will find the stories of traveling families as inspiring as I do 🙂

Name: Lena from fouronaworldtrip

Home Base: Paris

Tell us about your family: We are a french – german (patch work) family with 2 boys. We are geeks, we love food, one of us likes rum and most of all, we love to travel. As we are working full time, there is rarely enough time for family or travelling so we took the decision to escape: we will take one year off and travel the world together, ETA 2018.

What’s your preferred travelling style?  I believe we are moderate and maybe a bit boring. We like walks in forests if civilisation is close by, road trips but with a proper car and a good bed to sleep in and camping, if it’s not in a tent. We like adventure and improvisation but we need certain standards as well.

How are your kids schooled? They are going to regular schools in our hometown as we are normally not travelling outside from school holidays. However, when we are on our World Trip, we plan to home school them.

Tell us about your dearest family travel memory. While being in Canada, we stayed the first couple of nights in a little cabin in the woods next to a lake. The weather wasn’t great and after hearing horror stories about black flies that are ripping off your skin, the rain was a good excuse just to stay in. We spent the day watching books, inventing games, listening to really loud music and dancing through the cabin.

Thinking back to your past travels, which on was the best and why? So far it was our road trip through Canada and the USA. The trip itself was awesome but the best was actually to experience first hand that travelling far/long/adventurous (for us) with children is great and far less complicated than commonly anticipated; even though our little one was only 2 at the time.

What do you think you could discover thanks to travelling with your kids that you would have not done/seen without them? I think thanks to our kids, we see double as much as we would alone. Even though we are quite active folks, if its rainy, too hot, too cold.. we tend to just skip whatever we had planned, but you can’t do that with kids. If you tell them in the morning we go to whatever place, than you have to stick to it cause they just won’t let go 🙂

Do you have any advice for traveling with kids? Relax, take it slow and adjust your expectations … even if your normally (averagely) well behaving children are going wild, no one knows you and their judgement doesn’t matter, really. It doesn’t.

What is – for you – the biggest challenge when travelling as a family? To relax, to take it slow and to adjust my expectation haha 🙂 We always need some days to get accustomed to the new situation when starting our journey and to be honest, it’s normally not going very well because of me getting mental but we’re getting better at it.

Traveling is always as well a learning path; what did you learn from your family travels? First, having children is not a showstopper for travelling, it’s rather the opposite, it’s so rewarding not only to enjoy a view/beach/activity but see your kids enjoying it as well. Second, to organise a trip and to think of a trillion things without any effort and at finally that even if it’s bumpy in the beginning, we are a good match.

What do you think is the best benefit for your children from your journeys? They are confident; they are moving around Toronto or Italy with the same self assurance than at home.  The world is not intimidating them, neither is it some abstract construct. As they are used to travel,  every place is a place where they potentially could go, they are not seeing any limitations, the world is real. Furthermore they became really good in adapting to changing environments, they accept that things elsewhere are not like  at home and they don’t mind.

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  • Martha Audrina Kane

    Too right Lena, I sooooo can identify! Life is too short, the children are small for such a short time – it’s madness to make plans for our retirement at this point (or constantly wish for the next weekend). At the same time, while I love to travel, I need a home base. I will never be one of those people who sell everything to travel the world. I like that you are not pretending to be either and that you are honest about the kind of travel you enjoy. My son is only six months old now and I am only beginning to learn what travelling with him is like. So interesting reading your thoughts and I wish you all the best.

    • fouronaworldtrip@gmail.com

      yes, exactly that! I need a home base as well; a place to come back to. I think it wouldn’t matter too much how often or few I would come back, but I need to know that I have a place.
      Thank you for sharing, Martha 🙂

  • Fair Dinkum Traveller

    Great little segment, interviewing families who love to travel and seeing the adventures they get upto. Even as a family man myself it is the greatest thing in the world to have an adventure with my young ones.

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