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Traveling Families #2 – World Trip Diaries

traveling is broadly associated with folks in their 20’s, people that are somewhere in or just out of their education, young people, free people, folks that are not having a family yet.  But in fact, there is (almost) no reason for excluding longterm travels or journeys on rather unbeaten paths from your globetrotting possibilities once you’ve started a family.

In my series Traveling Families I am interviewing families that did not drop their traveling plans and neither ground down their wanderlust but decided to continue their journey together with their kids.

For the 2nd edition of the Traveling Families Series I am having the pleasure to introduce you to Thais, she and her family sold everything 9 months ago and are traveling ever since:

“When we decided to travel indefinitely with the kids, people thought we were crazy. Our blog came to show them that it’s doable and a great experience for everyone. We share our budget, travel tips, guides. We also talk about the kids’ education and working and traveling. At the moment we’re in Uruguay – the second country of our South America trip. You can find us at World Trip Diaries.”

Name: Thais, the mom from the World Trip Diaries family.

Home Base: Most of us were born in Brazil, but we’re NZers by heart.

Tell us about your family: We’re an ordinary family of 6, a bit geeky, but nothing out of the norm. We sold everything to start traveling, and it was 9 months ago!

What’s your preferred travelling style? We don’t know yet, we’re still finding out! We loved road tripping around NZ, slow traveling in Brazil and a fast paced tourism like we did in Japan. For now, we just like traveling. 😛

How are your kids schooled? They’re homeschooled. Mostly unschooled, but we haven’t that figured our yet. The kids grow and their needs change, so we’re constantly changing our approach to their education! Whatever fits the moment, I guess!

Which countries/regions did you explore with your kids so far? We’ve road tripped NZ’s South Island for 4 months, spent a tourist month in Auckland (even though it’s home), had
a busy month in Japan, spent 3,5 months in Brazil! Now we’re in Uruguay enjoying our South America trip – it’ll last until June!

Do you have any advice for traveling with kids? I’d suggest you start slowly. Start by booking a weekend vacation on a nice hotel. Then book a week-long holiday somewhere less fancy. Grab 2 weeks on an apartment somewhere. Start with places you know you’ll love until you’re in places you’ve never imagined. Take your whole house on your first trip and see what things you actually need – take those on the next. And never forget to spend time with the kids – that’s the most important thing in the world!

What is – for you – the biggest challenge when travelling as a family? The costs! Even when a destination is cheap, it’s never really cheap when you’re in 6 people. We do need to give things up due to the costs, but it’s still been a great experience!

Thank you, Thais!

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