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2016 – a sort of review

2016 was on too many levels a just horrible shitty year and I don’t downplay or deny it. I don’t even want to continue with a “but”. And I won’t. However, this is not a political blog and even though you do -maybe- need to know that I believe in love and kindness, that my heart is beating rather left and I am convinced that good things are augmenting once launched, this is not my place to comment on world affairs. I usually pursue this activity on Facebook by telling each and every racist shithead that is crossing my news feed that they are a fucking racist shitheads and that it is not OK.

This blog is about life, about love, about travelling, about good vibes and about that life is worth living with as much joy as possible. In spite of everything. Life’s for the Living.

That being said, our 2016 was retrospectively quite rich in movement, both physically and mentally.

First of all; starting this blog laid the cornerstone for our -till then-  secret plan to conquer travel the world and now, bailing out is not an option anymore. Taking the decision to go for it and plan a sabbatical was a scary but exciting process, to start a blog about our adventures was a total game changer though. The idea left the 4 walls of our apartment and became a thing, something to talk about, something that will really gonna happen. No shit. It is going to happen!

We started planning; headless, slightly overstrained and unsure on how to tackle this indeed quite gigantic project. It took almost a year, a lot back and forth, hours of talking and discussing and even a free project management tool from the internet but we are getting there: we have a plan! #success2016

And then -apart from moving from “we could” to “we will”- we moved physically a lot, our little butts from one place to another:

After a 2016 kick off with New Year in the Netherlands, we spent Easter with the whole family in Germany. May started with a weekend in London, just my older son and me,  and immediately after I could realize a big dream of mine: visit Northern Ireland!


This year summer vacation have been well spent in Bretagne, where we did a combination of road trip and relaxation. August was determined by a busy (work) week in Cologne at Gamescom. In September I ninja like could squeeze in a last minute short trip to London to attend the album release show of my all time favourite bearded musician and October was busy with a Girls Weekend to a Spa on my side, a Rum Weekend in Liege for my husband and as well another short trip to visit family in Germany. November had the obvious highlight; California, not only cause it’s California but it was also a trip without kids :D. The year ended with a short (work) trip to Cork and Christmas celebration in Germany. It feels round:

Netherlands – Germany – London – Northern Ireland – Bretagne – Cologne – London – Saarbrücken – Liege – Germany – California – Cork – Germany

Let’s see what 2017 will bring, but rest assured, the first trips are already booked and the next steps towards our big adventure are scheduled. Stay tuned!


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