Bring me back to Breizh

I fell in love.

Time is a weird thing.

A two weeks adventure can’t be squeezed into a blog post, hence a trilogy.

That being said;  holidays are over, we are back in our almost normal daily routine, that applies at least to the 2 adults of our gang with job, laundry and dinner plans while the kids are hopping around between more vacation, grandparents and day care. Two weeks are really not too long, right?

We spent an amazing time. Really. La Bretagne managed a precision landing from a rather random bucket list straight to the top rows of the most stunning places we have been to. And with place I don’t mean “place” like in “this city” or “this beach” or “this restaurant”, I mean the entire region. Every spot appeared more beautiful, more special than the one before.

The first week of our vacation was a light version of a road trip along the southern coast while the second week was a rather relaxing seven day stay in the north.

Contrary to expectations, winter wasn’t coming and we did not even unpack our rain jackets (yes, I own a rain jacket). BUT: we did eat seafood and a zillion “crêpe au beurre/sucre”, bathed in the sea, got sunburns (a little), fished for crabs and shrimps, stayed up not too late but slept too long, looked out for flotsam, made a BBQ, watched almost no TV but read a more than usual, laughed a lot and more than we fought and we all are certain that we will have to come back.


Beach near Guerande

to be continued..


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